Ear health tips

Another way you can take care of your ears from the outside is to avoid listening to loud music for long periods of time. Although it does not seem important, more and more young people are suffering from hearing problems because of this habit. What is the ceremony? Many people have the impression that ear hygiene only involves removing the wax. After all, this substance is sticky, unpleasant and unhygienic. However, this conception is wrong. The cerumen has the role of protecting the skin inside the ears against infections. Therefore, do not look at the ceremonial as something harmful, which must necessarily be removed. It provides the eardrum with protection against the outside world, stopping the access of dust, foreign objects and residues to the interior.

Emma is trained to recognise the ‘normal’ and the ‘abnormal’ in the external ear using high magnification surgical loupes, otoscopes and/or a microscope (x5) to enable her to see the minute detail of your ear. If an abnormality is found Emma can make an immediate referral back to your own GP, or to the local acute hospital if your condition is considered urgent. Microsuction is safer, cleaner and requires less preparation than syringing. It is far safer than syringing because no water is being forced into the ear. The clinician uses high magnification to see the minute detail of your ear and clear it. See more info on Ear wax removal in Bath UK.

Middle ear infection usually occurs after a severe cold, requiring oral antibiotics. Although the doctor says you do not have an infection, your ear still hurts. It may happen that the ears may also be damaged by a throat infection, as the two organs have several nerves in common. The pains will pass when the problem is resolved. Why your hearing has deteriorated: If your hearing suddenly suffers, it means a medical emergency. The doctor can fix the problem before it’s too late. If the hearing gradually fades, as you get older, it means it’s normal. If, however, one ear sounds worse than the other, and it is a sign that something is not working properly and you should take action.

For daily hygiene of the ears you can use from the pharmacies special sprays, which contain ingredients such as purified water and sodium chloride. . You can also use a seawater spray that dissolves the wax and removes it. Tip: Because the water favors swelling of the dry wax, it is advisable to use plastic plugs when you go to the pool or bathe in the sea. Also, dry your ears every time you take a bath, with the corner of a towel. Source: https://www.bathearcare.co.uk/.